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Forget about industrial film production! If you are looking for a talented crew delivering high quality corporate movies and top-notch event clips, then look no further!

We are passionate about what we do, experienced and work with tight deadlines. Our team always find creative solutions and adds value to your brand, event or organisation. Our clips really make a difference. We are more than just an audiovisual partner; we think with you and evaluate together with you how to optimise the use of your video and get results. We use the latest technologies available and love a challenge!

We work in three languages (french, dutch and English) and are used to handling european projects.

Thanks to our experience and media background, we know how to produce material that will really impact your campaign. Our various competences and network enable you to have a one-stop-shop. An original and well-thought message always comes across much better than another message. But as actions speak louder than words, check out our portfolio and get in touch with us today. 


Whether you want to or not, you brand is being talked about. You need to get out there and take care of the messages, emotions and ideas you want associated with your brand. How do you do it? With whom do you do it? Why should you do it?  

While this digital era opens numerous channels to communication, you need to think strategically before acting. Emove helps you to prepare a precise, well-thought and intelligent plan such as to reach your goals. Because nothing is more frustrating than working a lot for no result. 

Our clients include the « 20km de Bruxelles », la « Fête au Parc » among other projects. Our focus is to help you get the right message across to the right audience. Emove also offers « on the field » assistance to help you in the execution of your communication plan. We propose to be at your side to make the communication plan happen, brainstorm with you and evaluate your goals along the way. This way, you can make sure that you keep your goals on track! 


Are you looking to improve your audiovisual communication or your team spirit? 

We offer a three types of tracings; a media training such as to learn how to speak in front of a camera, a audiovisuals incentive training and individual training for your video experiments. 

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Corporate productions

Faites confiance à nos experts en couleur et en émotion pour la conception de votre film. C’est notre passion!

Implantée à Bruxelles, notre agence de production  vous conseille et élabore votre message en l’adaptant parfaitement aux besoins du public ciblé et en y incorporant la dose d’émotion qui fera son succès.

Afin de souligner la crédibilité de votre message audiovisuel, nous associons constamment à cette démarche notre expertise journalistique  et nos connaissances en matière de psychologie des couleurs.Un message original se distingue toujours plus facilement des autres. C’est la raison pour laquelle la créativité est le maître-mot chez ”Emove”!

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